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PHENOLIC PLYWOOD A wide range of panels for industrial use
  • Renewable and eco-friendly resource.

• High resistance to bending, impact
and scaling.
• Longer duration.
• Resistant to outdoor use.
Greater resistance, longer life and better use.

Plywood panel manufactured from thin semi-hard wood plates arranged trans-versally to the fiber.

The phenolic adhesive used is particularly formulated to support tough environmental conditions in terms of humidity and outdoor use, thus making GRANDIS® highly resistant to scaling, and ensuring longer life.

Being a natural product, the external surfaces, front and reverse, may have a different appearance.

GRANDIS® wood plates, entirely from cultivated forests, are selected on the basis of their size, much larger than conventional panels.

Electronic squaring, calibration and sandpapering ensure the dimensional consistency of each panel, allowing a rapid and efficient modular use.
This plywood has been structurally developed in compliance with the most stringent international and local standards in terms of resistance to bending and scaling.

These remarkable advantages make it a leading product.

Due to its high structural resistance, this product is the most suitable one when structural load needs and a good-looking finish are at stake.

Low maintenance product, highly resistant to the passing of time.

It may be used for multiple purposes due to its particular appearance, light colors, easy handling and structural strength.

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Presentations   Qualities
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